Your boyfriend is texting another girl?

HELP! My boyfriend is texting another girl! So here’s a post for all the ladies that seem to notice a common occurrence of your significant other (boyfriend, husband, etc) texting, calling or emailing a girl that you don’t so much approve of.  Most of us have been through it in some way or other.  Whether it’s just us girls being paranoid, or our significant other is actually being extremely shady and careless of our feelings and relationship.  If you’re going through something similar to this, read this post and I can almost GUARANTEE your issues will be resolved.

Now let’s get one thing straight.  Reading a boyfriends texts or going through his calls when he is not around is not the normal thing to do.  If you don’t suspect he is doing anything behind your back, then he most likely isn’t.  Don’t waste your time going through his phone and making him think you are some crazy girl.  This could make some aspects of your relationship especially difficult, so don’t waste your time.  If you do suspect he is doing something behind your back, take a peek at his cell phone when he is not around, but don’t make it obvious that you are doing so.  Don’t ask him to look at his phone when he is sitting right next to you.  He will think you’re insane.  Just take a quick peek when he leaves the room.

Men like girls who are confident in themselves, so don’t always think that your man is doing shady things behind your back! There are some genuinely good guys out there (KEYWORD: some) but seriously.  If there are no signs that he is talking to a girl in a sexual or romantic manner, then you really have nothing to worry about.  A lot of guys are going to have friends that are girls, and that is something that you need to deal with.  You need to be confident that you are the women in his life.  You are the girl that he sleeps with every night, not the other female he talks to in a friendly manner.  Confidence goes a LONG way.
So if you see some emails or text messages from a girl that are CLEARLY deeper than just a friendship manner, then here is what you do.  It’s pretty simple.  Most girls will want to react right away in an aggressive manner – perhaps calling or texting this girl themselves, or flipping out on your boyfriend to the point where you get in an intense screaming/fighting match.  WRONG. Do not do this! It will not solve a single fucking thing.  Girls are crazy, as we all know.  If you respond aggressively in a jealous manner to this girl, she is only going to believe that she has the upper hand.  She is going to feel good about this and continue talking to your boyfriend/husband, in an even more flirtatious way.  Perhaps asking him to go out one night insinuating that she basically wants to fuck him.  This method NEVER works, so seriously do not even bother.
Don’t tell your boyfriend or husband you are doing this either.  He is going to think you are crazy, and probably just deny all assumptions, stating that he is only friends with this girl and he is just friendly, not wanting this girl in a sexual/romantic way.  So here is what you do, point blank: YOU KILL HER WITH KINDNESS.   You get her email address or phone number and you send her a quick text or email explaining that you have read conversations between your boyfriend and her and that you feel uncomfortable and feel that their relationship is on more than just a friendship level.  You explain that you are a super nice girl (even if you aren’t) and continue to tell her how you’ve been with this guy for a while and sometimes, he has impulses such as talking to another girl in this manner.  Tell her to imagine herself in your own shoes – would she want her boyfriend flirting with another girl?  Tell her that she seems like a super cool girl and you can see yourself being friends with her (Again, even if you absolutely CANNOT.) Tell her how pretty you think she is (And once again, even if she is not) and tell her that because she is so pretty that is why you are worried about your boyfriend talking to her.
BOOM! Unless this girl is a complete bitch, she is going to respond to you in an apologetic manner.  She will read the compliments you are giving her and say to her self – “Wow, this girl is mad cool, why should i be doing this to her?”  She will understand where you are coming from and probably cut all contact with your boyfriend.  I’m telling you, this method will work like 80% of the time.  Once again, yelling at this girl threatening to kick her ass is going to do nothing but pump her up even more.  You need to kill her with kindness.  It’s genius.
Oh and for the record, if your boyfriend has actually had physical sexual relations with this girl, LEAVE HIM.  This post is not meant for guys who have actually cheated on you.  If a man has cheated on you, the he obviously doesn’t care for you.  If your man has actually hooked up with this girl, then we are talking about something completely different. Of course, there are extenuating circumstances where you can give your boyfriend a second chance, but if it is obvious that he doesn’t care and continues to talk to the girl he cheated on you with, do not talk to him.
Hope this post helped you guys.  And always remember, be confident!  A man will like you SO much more if you are confident.  If there is no proof that he has relations with a girl, then he probably doesn’t.  Once again, confidence goes a long way.  Take care guys 🙂

One response to “Your boyfriend is texting another girl?

  1. thanks for the share. i just found out my boyfie is texting another girl. i found that the way they are texting is much more than friendship. they are saying miss each other. i already text the girl before i found your post. i text with her with kindness, i think. not sure how she will feel when she read my message. hopefully it works. want to ask for your opinion, what should i do then to my boyfie if he keeps texting the girl again?

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