Make your man’s cum taste delicious

So fact of the day guys: The word vodka in Russian actually means “the water of life.”  Well, you know what? I’m just going to throw it out there that my personal definition of pineapple is: “the fruit of life.”  Shit is just AMAZING. Not only is it probably the tastiest fruit ever, but it also makes a guys cum taste really sweet.  Ever get sick of hearing your boyfriend tell you to swallow when you just straight up don’t want to? Like who wants to swallow some shit that tastes like sour milk? Well seriously, you guys need to try out this experiment.  This dude I have been seeing and I tried this little experiment where he ate pineapple every day for like a week.  Apparently if you eat enough pineapple it makes a guys cum tastes really sweet and delicious.  So we tried it out and what do ya know.. his cum tasted wonderful.  Like I could drink that shit all day and have absolutely no problem.  It was the weirdest thing.  Usually I am no fan of swallowing but honestly.. try out this experiment and I SWEAR it will make a worlds difference.  Heaven.


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